jQuery Plugin Release Coming

I am currently working on my first public jQuery plugin. It will be soon released on GitHub, and I will share it here. I had a need to develop a keyboard and mouse navigable table with row highlighting, and believe it or not, was unable to find a really good plugin that fit my requirements and didn’t have a whole lot of extra functionality that I didn’t need. So, I wrote one myself. I also decided to extend it to include other elements that you may wish to navigate through with highlighting applied for the item you are on. So far, the elements that this plugin will work for are: table, ul, ol, and nav. If you can think of any others, please let me know. I hope to push this plugin out there pretty soon.

As an aside, while working on the plugin, I thought “why not have site authors set just one color, and then build all of the other colors based on it?” To take my table highlighting plugin as an example, the author would just set a table header color, and then the odd/even row colors, as well as the highlight color, would automatically be built for them by the plugin. The plugin would slightly lighten, darken, or compliment the base color to create the others. This is not a task that’s as complicated as you might think. And of course, this would be an option that they can easily set on or off. This is the sort of stuff I love to do, figuring out how to push things a bit beyond… I think that there are other types of plugins that might be more fitting for this functionality, such as site layout builders, so therefore, I likely will not include it for my simple item highlighting plugin. Perhaps, if I decide to do a little more with the plugin, I can include this functionality in another version. Well, stay tuned!


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