Highlight Navigation jQuery Plugin Released

I have released a jQuery plugin. It’s on GitHub, and you can find it here: Highlight Navigation. Demos and full documentation have been created and they are listed in the plugin’s read me on GitHub, but here is some preliminary information so that you aren’t left wondering what this is all about!


Highlight Navigation is a plugin that enables both keyboard and mouse navigation and highlighting for items belonging to elements. For example, this plugin is good for highlighting table rows when you press the down key, as well as applying actions upon pressing the “enter” key (or any other key, configurable in the options) or clicking on a row. Other elements that this plugin has been tested for and confirmed working are: UL, OL, and NAV. It should also work for other elements, with some caveats discussed in the plugin documentation.

Here are some demos:

Basic demo with a UL

Demo with a horizontal NAV menu, using left and right arrow keys

In this example, I’m demonstrating how to set up the plugin with a horizontal NAV menu. This is a good example of using the plugin for site menus. I setting an option to set the navigation keys to the left and right arrows. Additionally, I am overriding the default styles to be in a red theme.

Demo with a TABLE built with a Mustache template, using action callbacks

Please check it out and let me know what you think! I welcome any contributions.


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